Research Supported

student girl smilingOpen Sky is committed to remaining at the forefront of the wilderness therapy industry by constantly assessing the effectiveness of our programming to ensure that we are delivering the therapeutic impact that we are capable of.  In addition to conducting outcome research on each student, Open Sky designs its programmatic elements based on documented research. 

Research Outcomes at Open Sky

We are the only wilderness therapy program that conducts outcome research on each and every student.  Our data proves that our clients make behavior, interpersonal and mental health gains while at Open Sky and maintain those gains well after graduating. Open Sky leads the industry as the only program measuring the outcome results of each and every one of our students.

Mental Health Improves

Within two months, our adolescent students will go from needing intensive inpatient treatment to returning to a normal community range. This research also shows that for more than a year after graduation from Open Sky, our students are able to maintain those gains made at Open Sky and stay within the normal community range.  Learn More

Substance Abuse and Addiction Issues Improve

Open Sky's adolescent students reported significantly stronger skills to cope with substance abuse, relapse and addictive behaviors and reported stronger abstinence-focused coping skills by the end of treatment and maintained those gains for more than a year afterward.  Learn More

Problem Behaviors Decrease

Open Sky's adolescent and young adult students reported significant increases from arrival to graduation (average of 60 days stay at Open Sky) on their readiness to recognize and change their own problem behaviors. Further, our students reported continued growth in openness to change for more than a year following treatment. Open Sky is effective at helping students begin the process of change and accept responsibility for their problems.  Learn More