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8-minute Documentary Produced by the National Medical Report

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As Featured on the National Medical Report

NMR logo The National Medical Report is a documentary production company that delivers short interstitial programs for public television.  The NMR production team has won several awards, including 12 Telly Awards as of April 2008.

The National Medical Report aims to “enrich viewers by delivering one-of-a-kind documentaries and diverse information on a variety of topics and technology.  …VT Media Productions has successfully compiled a long running track record of producing some of the very best educational programming in the industry.”

Open Sky’s NMR production has aired as a one-minute commercial segment and as scheduled to air as a 4-minute interstitial program on public television.

Proven Results

Open Sky is extremely effective at helping troubled teens and young adults make considerable gains in self-confidence, preventing relapse, and changing problem behaviors. And most importantly, Open Sky graduates maintain these gains for up to a year after graduating.

Open Sky’s university-led research conclusions are based on empirically validated instruments that are conducted with each student and their family. Most programs conduct satisfaction surveys at the conclusion of treatment with its students and families. These surveys are an important measure for customer service but not for determining if the program actually works. Open Sky’s research proves that it works for struggling teens and young adults.

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy

At Open Sky, we assist teens, young adults and families struggling with difficult challenges and life circumstances. We provide a life-changing opportunity to discover and create a healthy life that is an intelligent and authentic expression of one’s true nature as a capable, worthy, and honorable person.

Owned and operated by experienced professionals with over 100 years collective experience in the field, Open Sky’s holistic wilderness program provides the most comprehensive treatment in the industry by integrating the best of contemporary clinical modalities, naturopathic medicine, as well as time-honored practices of yoga and meditation alongside the best of conventional wilderness therapy. We do all this with one single goal as our highest priority: Safety.