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Wilderness Therapy Programs for Teens & Young Adults

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Open Sky

Summertime in Colorado Mountains

Open Sky was started in 2006 by a group of committed, experienced wilderness therapy professionals. We assist teens, young adults, and families struggling with difficult challenges and life circumstances.  Open Sky provides a life-changing opportunity to discover one’s true nature: a life of hope, potential, and wellbeing. Please visit our homepage for more information.

Our Vision

At Open Sky, we strive to offer the most comprehensive, supportive, and effective wilderness therapy available.  We are committed to the health of our students, families, staff, community, and environment.  Our mission is to serve with compassion, professionalism, and safety to those in need.

Research-Proven Results

Open Sky is extremely effective at helping troubled teens and young adults make considerable gains in self-confidence, preventing relapse, and changing problem behaviors. And most importantly, Open Sky graduates maintain these gains for up to a year after graduating.

Open Sky’s university-led research conclusions are based on empirically validated instruments that are conducted with each student and their family. Most programs conduct satisfaction surveys at the conclusion of treatment with its students and families. These surveys are an important measure for customer service but not for determining if the program actually works. Open Sky’s research proves that it works for struggling teens and young adults.

CO companies to watch 2009Named 2009 Colorado Company to Watch

This annual award, given by the Colorado Office of Economic Development, is designed to select businesses from a wide range of industries throughout the state that make a substantial impact on Colorado’s economy. Among the 250-plus companies that were nominated in 2009, Open Sky was chosen as one of 50 companies for its outstanding performance in the marketplace and its contribution to Colorado’s economy.