The family is the centerpiece of the Open Sky program experience. Research has proven repeatedly that a student's success is proportional to the involvement and growth of the student's family.  Open Sky provides the most comprehensive family experience available in wilderness therapy led by our clinical and wellness teams.

Family reunitesThe Family Experience

Open Sky’s program provides multiple opportunities for the family’s involvement over the duration of the program. These include: weekly treatment planning sessions, weekly phone calls with the therapist, weekly written correspondence, weekly parent support group teleconference, written therapy assignments, Parent Wellness Weekend, and the Graduation and Family Reunion as well as optional Family Quest outings.  Learn More

Parents at our parent wellness weekendParent Wellness Weekend

At Open Sky, we realize the dramatic impact that a child’s behavior can have on the family system. The Parent Wellness Weekend is intended to help parents appropriately re-prioritize themselves: to reconnect to those things that bring them joy, to re-establish balance in their relationships, and to assist themselves in releasing the trauma of the past several months (or years) by coming together with other parents in a non-judgmental space to share their unique experience with others that can relate.  Learn More

Family reuniting in desertGraduation and Family Reunion

At the conclusion of the Open Sky experience, each student is honored in this transition with a graduation that includes a reunion with family at the Open Sky base camp. During this two-day, one night stay, the family will be provided with a chance to reconnect within the supportive confines of Open Sky’s graduation team and therapists. In process groups and through ceremony, the family will share safely and openly with one another, rekindle strong bonds, and enjoy being in nature together.  Learn More

Family QuestFamily sitting around a campfire together

Family Quests are utilized to intimately address family dynamics that are contributing to a student’s current struggle. Typical referrals for this powerful and life-changing opportunity include: parent-child relational issues, blended families, unresolved family grief, or strengthening the individuation process for young adults. Families come together in the wilderness for three days and two nights in a remote and relaxed environment, guided by a therapist, sharing and connecting with one another to re-establish healthy bonds. Families participate in Open Sky’s daily routines like meditation, yoga, preparing organic meals, and hiking. Each Family Quest is customized to the family’s needs and can easily accommodate several factors such as age, dates, and physical ability.   Learn More