Family Quest


The Family Quest experience is three days and two nights of camping in a remote and relaxed wilderness area. Family Quests are an opportunity for individualized, intensive family therapy. Goals for the Family Quest are co-created between the student, all participating family members, and the primary clinician. Families are guided through the FQ experience by a licensed mental health professional and an experienced wilderness guide. Family Quest facilitators will provide the space and opportunity for deep therapeutic work as well as healthy, fun, relationship building in the wilderness. The core elements of our program continue during Family Quest such as eating great organic foods, contemplative practices, sleeping under the stars and potentially going for a short hike. (Weather and physical abilities are taken into account). The Family Quest is a truly unique and powerful compliment to the transformative work that happens through a student’s experience at Open Sky.

Families that quest together often say that it should be “mandatory” and is an “essential” aspect of their journey with Open Sky. The feedback from Family Quests is overwhelmingly positive, with members reporting profound change in relationships. Family Quests are not mandatory because they are not appropriate for some family systems. If it is in the best interest of your family to participate in a FQ you can look forward to a meaningful 3-day therapeutic adventure. Family Quests are designed to allow each member of the family to show the growth that they have undergone during the time while separated. This means that all members of the family are demonstrating new skills in self-regulation and communication. Family Quests give students the chance to shine in their ability to live comfortably in the wilderness (hard skills) and in their ability to manage their own experience (soft skills). Facilitators help the family to see how much change has occurred over the course of a student’s experience at Open Sky.

Families are prepped with a packing list, assignments, and plenty of information and support prior to questing. Siblings 13 years old and beyond are encouraged to participate in their sister or brother’s treatment experience, including questing.   When the entire family can be present for the quest experience there is potential for deep healing in each relationship, meaningful connection, and the formation of new, healthier bonds. This therapeutic adventure is an incredible opportunity for deep family work.