Wellness WeekendParents at our parent wellness weekend

Guided by a team of Open Sky professionals, families can look forward to the rejuvenating and healing activities that our students participate in daily, including yoga, hiking, meditation, psycho-education groups, and delicious meals made with organic whole foods.  With expert guidance, family members learn about real life applications for health of the body, mind, heart and soul.

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Wellness Weekend Objectives

  • Shift focus from child to family members and create an opportunity to learn about and prioritize the family members' well being.
  • Meet other parents and Open Sky staff.
  • Experience a "parallel experience" to that of the students'.
  • Learn about the treatment plan and continuum of care post wilderness therapy.
  • Be introduced to two models of the grief process through psycho-education.
  • Be introduced to the basic principles of mindfulness, including up to date research on its efficacy.
  • Learn of available services at Open Sky to deepen family work when clinically recommended.
  • Enjoy Durango; great ski areas, hot springs and national parks are easily accessible as well as numerous amenities like restaurants, shops and spas.
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Typical Weekend Schedule


Beginning at 5:00 pm: Meet Open Sky facilitators and other participating families, dinner with Open Sky owners and team members

Parents in beginner yoga class


Beginning at 8:30 am: Beginners yoga class, check-in exercise, nutrition information session, lunch with Open Sky staff, short hike, sharing family stories

Evening on your own to experience Durango


8:00 am - 1:00 pm: Meditation instruction & practice, wellness planning, wrap-up and goodbyes

* We leave extra time open on Sunday for optional treatment sessions such as massage, therapeutic hot springs or simply enjoying Durango.  We highly recommend leaving on Monday so that you have time to digest the weekend, have some down time, and not rush.

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Recommended Down Time

We often receive feedback from parents that they wished they had scheduled more “down time” either before or after the weekend to enjoy Durango and the surrounding area.  Due to time constraints, we have a full itinerary during our scheduled time together and it does not allow for much unstructured time.  Therefore, we recommend planning on coming in on Thursday or staying until Monday in order to really absorb the weekend.

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Wellness Weekend Dates

Wellness Weekend dates will vary and are posted within the Parent Portal.

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