Open Sky is an ideal and appropriate fit for a wide range of teens, ages 13 to 17. There is no “typical” teenager in the Open Sky program because adolescents express themselves in such a variety of behaviors. However, there is often one common theme that runs through the lives of our teen students: difficulty coping with life’s challenges in a healthy and effective manner.  With the most clinically sophisticated and comprehensive treatment available, we can effectively address a wide range of issues for teenagers to assist them in becoming healthy young men and women.

student after a showerTeen Profile

Open Sky provides the most comprehensive and sophisticated wilderness therapy treatment available.  We have successfully worked with at-risk teens ages 13 to 17 struggling with a variety of challenges including depression, anxiety, anger, oppositionality, mild eating disorders, drug abuse, addiction issues, and self-destructive behaviors. Learn More

Our Approach with Teensguide mentoring student

We believe that all teens have unique needs and especially those that are struggling with the types of issues mentioned above. At Open Sky, there are six principles to our approach in working with teens: creating authentic connections, learning through nature, providing a genuine healing community, inspiring self-confidence through real successes, harnessing nature's healing capacity and ceremony and celebration.  Learn More

four directions ceremonyThe Four Directions

We utilize an age-old system, based upon wisdom traditions from various cultures throughout the world, for guiding students while on their healing journey at Open Sky.  We have translated the historic teachings of the four directions into a format for our students to use as a tool for their growth and learning while at Open Sky. As each teen accomplishes a set of objectives in the student pathway, we honor this growth with a ceremony utilizing the symbolism of the four directions. Learn More

Typical Day for Teensstudents sitting around fire

Each week Open Sky students spend four to five days out on expedition, exploring by backpack the canyon country of Utah during the winter months or the high mountains of Colorado during the summer months. When students are not out on expedition, they are back at base camp, a simple living environment outfitted with teepees and wall tents, where they do laundry by hand, get weekly food supplies, work on personal assignments, attend wellness lessons and meet with their therapist.  Learn More