Student Quotes

“I love you open sky you have forever changed the person I am and will be. I am and will forever be in your debt.” -Alumni, January 2013

“I am so grateful for the opportunity I had at Open Sky to catapult change in my life.  Now, a year an a half later I could not live a more fulfilling life!” -Alumni, December 2012

“I never felt more alive and at peace with myself than I did during my time at Open Sky.”- Alumni, December 2012

“I missed Open Sky so much today, I got my busting set out and even busted a solo and still managed to make it burn in my Utah nesting! Wish I was still there so so much” – Alumni, November 2012

“I love open sky forever and always.” -November 2012

“There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think of Open Sky. It saved and changed my life.” – September 2012

“I think of my time in the desert as one of the most amazing and important experiences of my life so far.” -March 2012

“Open Sky saved my life… I don’t think that my life could possibly have taken a better road.” -June 2009

“Thanks for making me who I am now.” -Student

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