Wellness: A Top Priority at Open Sky

Open Sky is the industry’s only program that has an entire department devoted to health and well-being of all its stakeholders: students, staff, families and allied professionals. This team leads our wellness department by providing assessment, treatment, support, and education for our students and their families and ongoing training for our field guides and clinical team.

Dr. Nicola Kettle with studentWhile our wellness team is led by industry professionals, it is also comprised of field guides, therapists, and a wellness assistant.  The field guides and therapists also have a responsibility for delivering a portion of the wellness education to our students. Each week, the clinical and wellness teams meet to discuss unique cases and, when necessary, therapists arrange individual case consultation with the medical team to better serve the student and his or her unique health needs. Also, the field guides assist each student in maintaining optimal physical health by teaching students how to prepare and enjoy nutritious foods, manage portions, obtain sufficient sleep, learning the importance of exercise and the role of mental and emotional exercise through yoga and meditation. The guides assist the medical team in delivering the wellness curriculum on a weekly basis. Lastly, our guides serve as role models that manage active, healthy lives with moderation and pragmatism.

The Open Sky doctors created a customized wellness curriculum and food menu to specifically address the needs of adolescents and young adults. In addition, the Open Sky medical team facilitates process groups, ensures that each student’s physical well-being is cared for, and provides ongoing training and education for our field guides and clinical staff.

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