Beth Mascio, BS

Transition Mentor


Beth realized her passion for wilderness therapy after attending a leadership course in South America thru West Virginia University. On this trip she spent 12 days in the Chilean wilderness with both American and Chilean backpacking guides. She recognized the power of the wilderness and returned with a passion to teach others confidence and leadership. In the wilderness, Beth finds the perfect amount of time to sit and listen to others. For Beth, wilderness therapy is the perfect blend of the outdoors and space for compassion for others.

After being a field guide for a year and a half in Southwest Utah, Beth found herself heading to Durango, CO. Her heart leaned towards wilderness therapy again. Instead of working with students in the field, her passion went towards families and supporting them during their time of re connection with their loved ones. Beth feels grateful for the opportunity to be there for families during their time at Open Sky. She continues to be inspired by the strength it takes during this process.

On her off days, Beth can be found outside! During the winter months, she enjoys skiing and ice climbing. During the summer months, trail running, rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking take up her time.