Matthew Krugh, MSW

Family Services Therapist


Matthew was born in Wyoming, and raised in the south and Midwest – ever longing to return to the Rocky Mountains.  With a BA in Psychology, Matthew first worked in an urban pediatric hospital, conducting clinical research in the ER.  Cultivating an appreciation for evidence-based practice, he valued even more working face to face with the children and their families.  Seeking to better understand the common human experience and engage with people on a more grassroots level, Matthew joined the Peace Corps, serving three years as a Community HIV/AIDS Education Volunteer in Swaziland, Africa.  Working predominantly with the youth in the village he lived in, he was reminded by all of the essentiality of community, family, and taking time to be present with one another.  Matthew’s enduring interest in a vocation of counseling was re-inspired and he was re-enthused.

In his graduate education Matthew completed clinical internships in hospice, and at a geropsychiatric treatment program for those with anxiety and depression.  He spent a summer working with male juvenile sex offenders at a residential treatment center employing experiential education.   As a graduate research fellow Matthew examined the benefits of mindfulness-based practices with veterans, and in a Directed Study in Adventure Therapy assisted in research exploring the impact of a wilderness program on the success of adolescents at an alternative boarding school.

Matthew sincerely believes in the robust, healing potential of humans reconnecting with nature, fostering self-empowerment, and moving through suffering via self-awareness and mindful living.  He cultivates personal peace through time spent amongst the wilds, skiing, running, meditation, music, reading, enjoying community, and family time – especially painting with his sister.