Gregory Martin, MA, LPC-E

Clinical & Family Services Therapist


Gregory has worked in wilderness therapy since 1995.  He has served hundreds of at-risk youth, young adults in crisis, people suffering from the disease of addiction, and those in major life transitions. Gregory has guided for a variety of organizations, including Wolfcreek Wilderness School, Kent Mountain Adventure Center, Deer Hill, Colorado University, and Passages to Recovery. He received a Master’s degree in transpersonal counseling psychology from Naropa University and has operated a private practice since 1998. He is also trained in rites-of-passage and vision quest guiding through the School of Lost Borders. Gregory has spent many days “on the mountain” himself and is a long time student of the Diamond Heart spiritual school.

Gregory began working with Open Sky in 2006 as a clinical therapist with our first adolescent boys' group. His personal and professional experience has had an enormous influence on the creation of Open Sky's adolescent and young adult program fundamentals. Gregory is known for his compassion, gentle nature, wisdom, and passion for experiential wilderness rites-of-passage.

Along with his love of working as a therapist and guide, Gregory enjoys working with plants as a gardener, herbalist, and permaculture designer. He has spent considerable time in the Amazon rain forest studying traditional plant based medicine and indigenous methods of healing physical and psychological issues.  He continues to pursue this interest during his free time. He is also an avid drummer and musician and loves making music with friends and simply relaxing in good company.