Field Leadership Team

Field guides at sunset in desertOpen Sky's field guides and field management team are a collection of exceptionally trained and mature people that are extraordinary role models for adolescents and young adults searching for a better way in life.  Day in and day out, field guides will work with each student to follow through on specific assignments and interventions designed by the treatment team. Field guides run daily group sessions, teach curriculum, and oversee the varied program activities throughout the week.  Field guides are really the heart and soul of the Open Sky program, taking advantage of the host of teachable moments that present themselves each day. For example, if a student becomes frustrated at not easily succeeding at a given task, the guides are there to coach them through to a successful experience.  Seven of Open Sky's nine owners were field guides prior to starting Open Sky.  If you are interested in becoming an Open Sky field guide, check out our employment page.

You can also watch the webinar about how we select, train and track field guides. 

*Statistics in this webinar are from 2008 and may no longer be accurate.  



Evan Meyer, BA

Field Director

Evan discovered wilderness therapy after leading and participating in wilderness adventures with the Colorado Rocky Mountain School in Carbondale, CO. Here, he led high school students on successful backcountry expeditions deep in the woods of Colorado. While earning his BA in Sociology from Ft. Lewis College, he heard about the Open Sky community. His desire to facilitate a deeper connection with wilderness and community led him to become a Field Guide.

Ethan Gehl, BS

Field Manager

Ethan originally hails from a small town south of Atlanta where he grew up building forts in the woods with his older brother. During his childhood, he and his siblings were routinely locked out of the house on weekends and forced to play outside. There, in the acres of woods behind his home, Ethan developed an active imagination, a longing for adventure, and a deep-rooted sense of appreciation for the wilderness.

Adam Backus, BS

Field Manager

Adam was born and raised in Knoxville, TN, where he attended the University of Tennessee. After exploring various degree options, he decided to study Geology. In May of 2010, he graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor’s of Science in Geology.

Robin Wolthausen, BA

Field Mentor

Robin has been involved in wilderness guiding and education since 2003 and specifically in wilderness therapy, supporting students and families in crisis since 2008. He brings a diverse experience to Open Sky having worked in a variety of professional outdoor venues such as NOLS, Wilderness Awareness School, Kroka Expeditions and leading graduating rites of passage for Marin Academy in San Rafael, CA.