erin bio

Erin Pinkham, BS

Human Resources & Finance Manager 

Erin was born and raised in rural Maine on a 150-acre farm.  She spent her summers helping her parents work the hay fields, and thus spent a great deal of time outdoors.  She has always enjoyed her time in the sunshine and hiking around beautiful mountains.  When she was growing up, you could find her on the volleyball court or in several orchestras playing her cello.

She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing from Bentley College, in Waltham, Massachusetts.  She also studied for five months at the University College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland.  During the summers of her college years, she worked at Camp Kawanhee for Boys in Weld, Maine.  It was there that she started to understand the overwhelming impact that nature can have on individuals.  She saw how amazing and moving it was to see the campers blossom into themselves during the 7-week camp experience as they were enjoying the wilderness.

After she graduated from Bentley, she moved to Durango, CO on her way to Denver.  She never made it to Denver, and is extremely happy that she stayed in the Durango area, as this has always felt like home.

She has a wide range of work experience from working in the municipal setting to working in a construction company’s office.  She’s also been a baker and restaurant manager/owner.  She is a fierce runner and loves to spend her time with her dog, taking pictures, hiking or lounging on the boat.