Operations Team

Operating in two distinct geographical areas with varying weather conditions, Open Sky's operations team is a resourceful group of people that serve as the foundation for all of the day-to-day activities.  The operations team maintains and outfits all of the student gear and equipment and packs all of the food for each week's ration.  The team also manages the  fleet of vehicles, ensures that communications systems are operating, maintains each of our base camp locations, and two administrative facilities.

Greg Ooley

Operations Coordinator & Escort Manager

With years of management, logistics and field operations experience in the outdoor and adventure education industries, Greg enjoys supporting the Admissions Team and Open Sky as a whole in welcoming new students to our program and making their transition as comfortable as possible.

Jim Silvestri

Operations Assistant/Back-up

Joined Open Sky: May 2008
In Wilderness Therapy since: 1994

Peter Thorburn

Operations Assistant/Back-up

Joined Open Sky: September 2011
In Wilderness Therapy since: 2011

Brittany Meyer

Farm Manager

Brittany joined Open Sky in 2009 as an Escort and Field Guide and is excited to be returning as Open Sky's new farm manager. It has long been her dream to grow food as a means of healing and she is excited to be pioneering this new division of Open Sky.