Brittany Meyer

Farm Manager 


Brittany grew up in Colorado in an avid outdoor family, which created a life-long passion for the outdoors and for working with the earth to produce food. Brittany and graduated with a BA from Fort Lewis College in 2010. She developed her own Student Constructed Major titled Ecology and Experiential Education, which enabled her to study Experiential Education, Ecology, and Sustainable Agriculture. Brittany has pursued work and volunteer opportunities for numerous schools, and farms across the country including Regenerative Design Institute, Occidental Arts and Ecology center, Earthship Biotecture way, La Parisa Farm, and Punta Mona Permaculture Institute. Brittany joined Open Sky in 2009 and worked as an Escort and Field Guide.

            Brittany’s approach to farming allows the land and community to inform the combination of tools/techniques that are employed. She brings passion, innovation, and flexibility to the Open Sky farm so it may serve the needs of Open Sky students, community, and land.  In her free time Brittany enjoys growing her own garden, mountain biking, skiing, climbing, running with her dog Shayla, and practicing yoga.