Holistic Vision

Open Sky’s holistic wilderness treatment program integrates the best of contemporary clinical modalities and awareness practices with wilderness therapy therefore providing the most comprehensive treatment program available in the industry.

Each Open Sky Graduate Will:student jumping


Become Healthy

Open Sky students will experience physical health and well-being, renewing a strong positive self-regard. Every day, our students participate in physically rejuvenating activities like hiking, yoga, and outdoor living. We also provide a balanced menu of the highest quality whole foods and organic fruits and vegetables. For students with health issues during their stay, physicians can assist them in their healing process. Open Sky students will depart in exceptional physical health.

Think Clearly

Open Sky students will learn valuable critical thinking skills and gain applicable insight in order to make more intelligent choices/decisions. In becoming sober, being removed from everyday distractions like television and computers, exercising daily and eating a whole foods/organic diet, our student’s minds become free and clear. Students who struggle in traditional school environments will excel in the experiential learning environment at Open Sky. Every day, our students engage their mind in critical thinking and decision-making in such activities as journal and letter writing, self-reflection and learning to productively express their thoughts. Open Sky students will leave making better choices by recognizing the negative consequences of poor choices and the positive outcomes of intelligent decisions.

Be Real

Open Sky students learn to listen to their heart, to identify their feelings, discover what truly matters to them and to appropriately express themselves enabling them to have lasting, authentic connections, both with themselves and in their important relationships. Frustration, anger, grief, and sadness are given space to be understood and appropriately shared. On a daily basis, students explore and work through interpersonal issues, learn how to successfully cope with stress, develop healthy relationship skills, and experience strong connections with both peers and adults. Open Sky students will be genuine and demonstrate what it really means to “Be Real.”

Discover Their True Nature

Open Sky students discover their true nature as complete and worthy human beings. For time, immemorial, great spiritual teachers have gone to nature for guidance and discovering this truth and how to teach it. With the grand, expansive, desert and mountain backdrop of the Southwest, our students engage in daily meditation and yoga practice, complete a multi-day solo experience and participate in sweat lodges to acquaint themselves with this essential aspect of being human. Open Sky students will depart having discovered their inherent worthiness.