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A Fond Farewell to Our Seasonal Therapists

Jake George | Marketing Specialist

With the nights growing longer and the leaves commencing their annual descent to the grassy ground below; summer is officially coming to an end. As we say goodbye to the luscious alpine Colorado course area, we also say goodbye to two unforgettable members of the Open Sky clinical team: Dr. Sarah Issenmann and Erin Crowley. During summer, Open Sky experiences a rise in admission numbers. In order to provide our students and families with a consistent level of care and support, we bring on seasonal therapists. We would like to share with our community Dr. Sarah and Erin’s closing thoughts as they leave their seasonal positions.

Open Sky Community,

It is hard to believe summer is ending! As I transition as a seasonal therapist for Open Sky, I wanted to say good bye and thank you. This summer I worked as a therapist alongside Dr. Tony in the adolescent boys group Team Helios.

This has been a rich and rewarding summer, feeling blessed to work along-side Dr. Tony. He demonstrates excellence through his leadership skills as evidence by the hard work, consistency, and teaching he continuously provides.  His passion for wilderness therapy is evident through his compassion for Open Sky and the families we serve. It has been a pleasure to learn from him and to work collaboratively with him.  This summer has been a testament to our students, families, and peers that siblings really can work together successfully!

Highlights from my summer were experiencing the vast opportunities Open Sky provides for families, including Wellness Weekend, and Family Quests. I appreciated witnessing my students become independent and truly begin to live in a way that upheld their values.  I loved watching my group get so excited for a bow-drill bust off with another group! Their excitement and motivation was inspiring! I am eternally grateful to the guides throughout the summer that held the vision and expectations for Helios to thrive! It is with your support we were able to be successful.

Leaving this summer is bittersweet.  I leave family, close friendships, amazing adventures, and wonderful Open Sky memories. As I leave Open Sky, I will return to North Carolina to work at a middle school providing outpatient therapy and Trauma-Focused-CBT.

I appreciate the positive and supportive culture of Open Sky.  The compassion shared throughout is rare. Open Sky is a gem for employees, as much as it is for the families we work with.  I feel blessed to have had an opportunity to be a part of the Open Sky family for the summer.

Thanks Open Sky! I hope you have a fabulous year!


Sarah A. Issenmann, DMin, LCSW


Dear Open Sky Community,

I am writing at the end of my summer as a seasonal therapist to say goodbye and thanks.  This summer my role ended up being a floating support therapist.  I worked in the adolescent girls and the young adult groups so that the regular therapists could take vacations and get needed support.

It has been a rich and rewarding summer.  I felt lucky to shadow and help out several very skilled and dynamic therapists.  It was always interesting entering new groups and working to understand how to best serve each student and family, in the context of the journey they were on.  I learned so many skills and the rhythm of Open Sky from both the therapists and the guides.  The field guides were very helpful in making each week go well.

Highlights from my summer were witnessing students find their power and let go of old, self-defeating patterns, and also challenging parents to show up in more balanced ways.  I also loved getting to join group meditation!

As I leave this summer, I leave wonderful Open Sky memories, and great mountain adventures I took with my family.  We head back to our home in Philadelphia and our extended family.  I will continue my private practice and school counseling.

I appreciate the positive and nurturing Open Sky culture the leadership team has created.  I appreciate the laughter and wisdom I received from the clinical team, and the inspiration I received from the guides and students.

Thanks Open Sky for having me!! I wish all of you a wonderful year!

Erin Crowley, LMFT
Clinical Therapist


From all of us at Open Sky, it was a pleasure having the opportunity to interact and engage with Dr. Sarah Issenmann and Erin Crowley. As we move forward, we begin the transition for another winter in canyon country.

September 9th, 2016

Jake George | Marketing Specialist