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Admissions Process

Welcome to Open Sky's Admissions process. Our dedicated and highly skilled admissions team is here to provide answers to your questions and offer compassionate support throughout the admissions process. Your family's journey toward growth and healing awaits, and we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Contact Admissions

The first step of the enrollment process is to speak with one of compassionate and highly skilled admissions counselors. We understand that each family’s situation is unique, and you may have questions specific to your situation. Our admissions team is available to answer those questions and assist you through the process of finding support. Open Sky is able to enroll students every day of the year. Emergency admits within 24 hours of application may also be accommodated.

Apply Online

After you speak to an Open Sky admissions counselor, the next step in the admissions process is completing an online application. Your admissions counselor will send you an email with a link welcoming you to our secure online application where you will find additional instructions and the online application form.

Application Review

Once your application is received, Open Sky’s admissions team will conduct a comprehensive application review. Each applicant is thoroughly evaluated by our clinical and medical teams to determine appropriateness for the program. In most cases, we can process an application within 24 hours.

Enrollment Details

If your application for admission is accepted, you will be asked to complete some additional information and release forms for enrollment. At this stage, your admissions counselor will provide detailed instructions to complete the enrollment process.

Arrival Day

It is important to Open Sky that families feel they can trust the path they have embarked upon with their child. Providing a positive arrival day for both parents and students is essential, ensuring that from the very first meeting, Open Sky families feel secure and supported in the decision they’ve made on their journeys of healing and discovery. Click here to read more about the details of arrival day.


Open Sky Wilderness Therapy is a private pay treatment center; we do not receive insurance reimbursement for our services. Additional details on insurance are provided below. The program’s total cost encompasses a daily rate for the length of the stay and other program-specific fees. Families can anticipate an average length of stay between 10 to 12 weeks. Please contact the Open Sky admissions team (970-759-8324) to discuss tuition and financing options.

Open Sky offers young adult and high-school-aged adolescents the opportunity to both earn college credits while at Open Sky and use college savings to pay for all or a portion of their treatment and education. When registered for three credit hours in the approved course, families can use funds from 529 plans and AmeriCorps vouchers to pay for the Open Sky program and Western Colorado University course credits.* Click here for more information for high-school-aged adolescents and here for young adults. If you would like to explore using a 529 plan or AmeriCorps voucher to pay for treatment, please contact We also recommend consulting with your tax advisor regarding eligibility of 529 funds for potential program and registration reimbursement.
*Consult with admissions to see if this is appropriate for your child.

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy is a private-pay treatment center, meaning we are not affiliated with any in-network providers and do not process insurance payments directly. However, many families have successfully secured reimbursement for our services through their insurance plans. Further information on how to maximize your insurance benefits is provided below.

While Open Sky is a private-pay treatment center, we are partnered with leading insurance advocates to help families navigate the complexities of managed healthcare and to support families in receiving the maximum insurance reimbursement to which they are entitled. During the application process, all families are encouraged to research potential insurance advocates and contact them for free initial consultations about their insurance coverage. The initial consultation can provide answers to the many questions that arise regarding insurance benefits, as well as guidance on the approach to best serve your family. Regardless of whether you end up entering into a contract for services with a particular insurance advocate, a free initial consultation with one can provide some important information, including:

  • verification of your plan’s benefits,
  • whether or not your plan provides coverage for treatment,
  • whether or not your coverage includes out-of-network providers,
  • your plan’s deductible,
  • your plan’s out-of-pocket limits, and
  • guidance on recommended approach.

Depending on your plan’s allowable coverage, you may be reimbursed for a portion of to all program costs. The verification of benefits will determine if the insurance company allows Open Sky to be authorized and billed as residential treatment or for the specific services rendered, such as individual and group therapy.

If approved for residential treatment, up to 100% of program costs may be reimbursed. Please be aware, however, that this is less common and only applies when we are operating from our Colorado course area. If approved for the specific services rendered by Open Sky, our depth of services and respective superbill provides the basis to be reimbursed for between 20% to 40% of program costs. Final reimbursement amounts depend on allowable rates and coverages determined by your insurance provider.

Should you contract with an insurance advocate for their services, they are responsible for obtaining insurance authorization and managing the claims process, including coding, claim creation, electronic claim submission, corrections, appeals, and denials. Families who attempt to process claims on their own typically struggle with the process. We strongly recommend that you work with an insurance advocate to navigate the nuances of your insurance plan and the claims process. Open Sky will provide you with more information about these services during the admissions process. Typically, once a student’s application is approved, families connect with insurance advocates to perform their verification of benefits. If you have any questions, please contact our admissions team.

Open Sky is pleased to partner with a variety of organizations that offer scholarship and financing options for qualified families. Please visit our scholarships page for more information or contact an admissions counselor.

Another available resource is Prosper Healthcare Lending. Prosper Healthcare lending offers the following benefits:

  • immediate decisions for loans under $35,000,
  • term options out to 84 months (affordable monthly payments),
  • no collateral required,
  • no prepayment penalties,
  • fast and easy application process, and
  • 100% confidential.


Danny Frazer
Admissions Director
Ben Allen
Associate Admissions Director
Matthew Krugh
Outreach Director and Admissions Counselor