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You Asked, and We Listened! Open Sky Introduces Family Quest Experience for Alumni Families

Open Sky Family Services Team

Open Sky is excited to announce that we are expanding the Family Quest intensive and making it available to alumni families! At Open Sky, we understand that the experience, needs, and goals of each family are unique and dynamic and that facilitating meaningful growth requires an individualized approach and ongoing support. The Alumni Family Quest will help families build upon and enhance the journey they began at Open Sky so they may live their lives with strength and intention.  

Below, we’ve provided a snapshot of who can participate in Alumni Family Quest, why alumni families might consider embarking on one, and how they can sign up.

 Who is Alumni Family Quest for?

The opportunity to participate in Alumni Family Quest is available to any family who has been through the Open Sky program, whether they graduated one or ten years ago. Families do not need to have participated in Family Quest during their initial stay to be eligible for Alumni Family Quest. 

Why might a family choose to attend Alumni Family Quest?

The Alumni Family Quest experience is customized to the family’s needs and goals and builds on their prior Open Sky experience. Some reasons why a family might choose to attend Alumni Family Quest include: 

  • They did not participate in Family Quest during their initial stay at Open Sky and are hoping to undergo the experience now. 
  • They would like to refresh the mindfulness, communication, and emotional regulation skills they learned at Open Sky so they can carry them forward into the next phase of their lives.
  • They are looking for a powerful way to reintegrate the family as their child is returning home after completing an aftercare program or residential treatment center.  
  • They would like to experience Family Quest with other family members, such as siblings, who may have been too young or otherwise unable to attend during their initial stay.  
  • Their child is experiencing a significant transition, such as graduating high school or college, and they would like to mark the milestone with intention.
  • They would like to honor meaningful evolutions within the family system, such as welcoming new family members through marriages and births.  

 Open Sky encourages families to think outside the box as they consider their inspiration for Alumni Family Quest and what they would like to get out of the experience.  

“In addition to providing a reunion and celebration of time spent together, the experience is meant to honor each unique family, how far they have come, and what they’ve been learning along the way,” says Family Services Director Matthew Krugh. “It is meant to help families take stock and assess where they are, how they got there, and what they want to do moving forward.”  

A family at Open Sky Wilderness Therapy embraces each other on a rocky outcropping. Physical touch can be an effective way to soothe ourselves and ease the pain associated with anxiety, depression, and trauma.

How do families sign up for Alumni Family Quest?

Families who are interested in signing up for an Alumni Family Quest complete an application process and initial consultation with Open Sky’s Family Services Director to determine eligibility and reasons for the Quest. If the family meets the criteria for a Quest, they will be matched with a therapist in Family Services based on their specific situation and goals. Leading up to the Quest, the therapist will schedule a series of calls with the family to help them prepare for the experience so they can make the most of their time together in wilderness. After completing their Alumni Family Quest, the family will also receive follow-up communication to further support the experience and help them integrate post-Quest lessons and objectives.  

Are you and your family interested in signing up? Click here to learn more and submit a form of interest!  

July 21st, 2022

Open Sky Family Services Team