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Assessment And Treatment Planning

Each Open Sky student and family work closely with the clinical therapist best suited to meet their needs. Crucial to treatment is an accurate assessment of each student’s unique characteristics, challenges, and issues that preceded arrival at Open Sky. This assessment informs the development of an individualized treatment plan, providing the clinical therapist, family, and student with a foundation for successful therapy. The clinical assessment includes the following:

  • Strengths-Based Bio-Psychosocial Assessment
  • Student Self-Report Assessment
  • Substance Abuse Assessment
  • Physical Health Exam
  • Strengths-Based Family Assessment


Individualized Treatment Plan

The therapist uses the clinical assessment to design a treatment plan to support the student and family in their growth and development. Both student and family are vital, active members of the treatment team. Field guides, field medics, and field mentors are also important members of the treatment team. Treatment team meetings occur twice weekly in the field and as needed with other team members. The assessment and treatment planning services provided each student and family reflect our commitment to working systemically and with excellence.

Additional Assessment

Additional assessments are often helpful in developing a more detailed picture when complex factors are involved. These assessments can include Psychological Testing and Psychiatric Assessment. Please speak with an Admissions Counselor to learn more about these services.


Psychological Testing

Open Sky works with a number of licensed clinical psychologists who provide a comprehensive battery of psychological measures to assist in developing a thorough assessment. Psychological testing is strongly recommended for any student who has not had testing in the past two years, or who has been experiencing a significant change in emotions and/or behaviors since he or she was last tested. Psychologists go to the field to interview the student, administer tests, integrate any previous testing, and consult with involved professionals and members of the treatment team including key family members. Because psychological testing is such a valuable assessment tool, it is always requested and often required prior to acceptance by most aftercare programs. Additional Fees Apply.

Psychiatric Assessment

Open Sky’s philosophy of treatment is comprehensive, which means considering medication when it is beneficial to the student. Many students come to Open Sky already on medication. Sometimes the medication is working well and needs no adjustment, and sometimes it is not effective and needs adjustment. When in the student’s best interest, a referral is made to the Open Sky psychiatrist, who meets with the student in the field. The psychiatrist will consult with the therapist regarding any warranted medication changes. Additional Fees Apply.


Coordination with At-Home Professionals

Open Sky is rarely the first therapeutic intervention for students and parents. To honor past efforts and to learn what has and has not been effective, Open Sky therapists coordinate with professionals who have worked with the student and family in the past.


Aftercare and Transition Planning

The Open Sky treatment team confers with educational consultants, home therapists, residential programs, therapeutic boarding schools, and other related professionals to support each student’s continued success while in our care. We believe that success is best measured well after our students have departed Open Sky. With this in mind, the treatment team will also develop a seamless transition from Open Sky to the next step for the student, whether at home or in another treatment program.

“We came away overwhelmed with gratitude for your organization and for the warmth, compassion, and high-level training and competence of all of your staff. You helped us find the way forward with our son and our family. Thank you for your special work!”

― Alumni Parent, 2016

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