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Danny Frazer Named Open Sky Program Director

Aaron Fernandes | Founder & CEO

Featured Team Members: Aaron Fernandes, BA

I am pleased to announce Danny Frazer has been named Open Sky’s new Program Director. As Program Director, Danny is responsible for the overall quality and delivery of services to our students and families. As one of the organization’s founders, Danny has been with Open Sky since the beginning; helping to craft and foster our vision to be the premier family-centered wilderness experience.

Danny has extensive leadership experience in all aspects of Open Sky’s operations, including directorship roles in field, operations, marketing, business development, and, most recently, admissions. Highly regarded by professionals throughout the field, Danny currently serves as Chair of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council, a community of programs working together to advance the field of wilderness therapy.

Danny is uniquely qualified to be our Program Director, and he is perfectly positioned to deliver a transformative experience to our students and families. With an entire career rooted in wilderness, this role is a natural fit for Danny’s skills, background, passion, and experience.

Through his role in admissions, Danny developed a deep understanding of the practical, and emotional challenges students and parents face as they enter Open Sky. While Danny will be missed in admissions, Open Sky planned for this transition last fall with the addition of Tere Snodgrass as Director of Admissions & Professional Relations. With over 25 years of leadership experience in therapeutic programs, Tere has been an extraordinary addition to lead the admissions team and support Danny’s move.

As much as this decision was logically based on Danny’s exceptional skills and experience, it was equally considered because of his character which encompasses professionalism, a risk management mindset, outstanding judgment, integrity, and the highest standard of excellence. We are tremendously fortunate to have a person of Danny’s caliber leading the delivery of our program experience.

Each day Open Sky is guided by the belief that all people have the capacity to thrive. We are united in our core purpose to activate the potential of the human spirit through a transformative journey of self-discovery. Danny has built his career on these principles. Please join us in welcoming Danny to his new role!

Aaron Fernandes
CEO, Open Sky Wilderness Therapy

January 13th, 2017

Aaron Fernandes | Founder & CEO