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“Deconstructing Motivation” Podcast with Dr. Aaron Wallis

The Open Sky Team

Featured Team Members: Aaron Wallis, Ph.D, LP

Dr. Aaron Wallis and Emily Fernandes record a SKYlights podcast episode about motivation.What is motivation? Is it simply willpower? The desire for a specific action? The actual implementation of that action? In episode 5 of the SKYlights podcast, “Deconstructing Motivation”, Young Adults Therapist, Dr. Aaron Wallis, breaks it down for listeners. Dr. Wallis discusses motivation through the therapeutic lens of “behavioral apathy”. Behavioral apathy is what keeps us from translating a desire for a certain outcome into action.

The topic of behavioral apathy is best addressed with a basic understanding of how the brain works in this process, compassion towards oneself when working through it, and practical guidance and goals for becoming a more “motivated” individual. Dr. Wallis also provides tangible guidance to those whose loved ones demonstrate a consistent lack of motivation in their lives.

During this episode of the SKYlights podcast, Dr. Wallis talks through all of these areas and more in his conversation with Open Sky Executive Director and Co-founder, Emily Fernandes. Be sure to tune into the conversation above and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts!

Dr. Aaron Wallis has a strong interest in the myriad issues that face young adults face as they navigate the complex transition to adulthood. He has a particular passion in working with clients to address social anxiety, substance use, anger and emotional management challenges, and the development of a healthy relationship with social media. Being a scientist at heart, Dr. Wallis values Open’s Sky focus on research, efficacy, and techniques that actually work. He is invigorated by the opportunity to move beyond traditional talk therapy, using the power of wilderness therapy to create experiences that his clients can incorporate into their character as they heal. 

July 30th, 2019

The Open Sky Team