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Dr. Aaron Wallis Featured in Woodbury Reports Podcast Series

The Open Sky Team

Featured Team Members: Aaron Wallis, Ph.D, LP

Dr. Aaron Wallis, a Clinical Therapist at Open Sky serving the Young Adult population, was recently featured in Woodbury Reports.

In an installment of Lon Woodbury’s podcast series “In Their Own Voice”, Dr. Wallis and Woodbury discuss the topic of motivation in young adults. Parents often question how to motivate their young adult who struggles with taking action or making changes. The young adult, on the other hand, wants to take action but doesn’t know how to translate that desire into action.

“It’s not a lack of desire, it’s a lack of implementation of that change,” Dr. Wallis points out in the podcast. “There’s a part of the brain…that is involved in making behavioral changes that has less structural and functional connectivity in the brains of people that struggle with motivation.”

Access the podcast with Dr. Aaron Wallis HERE

Listen to the podcast to learn more about brain structure as it relates to motivation, the stages of motivation and action, and how parents can help their young adult in a constructive and compassionate way. You can also read more about the topic of motivation in Dr. Wallis’s blog article, “Deconstructing Motivation”.

Dr. Aaron Wallis, Ph.D., LP, is a Clinical Therapist at Open Sky Wilderness Therapy. He works with young adults and their families who seek treatment for a variety of mental health, substance-related, or behavioral issues.

August 31st, 2018

The Open Sky Team