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Nature and Nurture: Updates to Early Adolescent Base Camp Foster Comfort and Support

The Open Sky Team

At Open Sky we are consistently thinking about how we can best support our students in their field experiences. We are excited to share that we recently implemented updates to our early adolescent program to help students feel cozy and comfortable while maintaining the spirit of the wilderness experience.  

To help us provide a supportive and welcoming environment for these students, we have introduced certain items into our fall and winter base camp. Early adolescent students now sleep on high-density foam pads with soft and colorful microfiber sheets. Sand mats line the floor of the wall tents for added comfort and cleanliness. Students also have camping chairs from Crazy Creek to use when they are in group sessions or simply sitting around the campfire.  

These new items have been well-received by the early adolescent team, and students have expressed excitement and appreciation. These updates not only enhance comfort, but also provide a rich clinical opportunity. Students practice managing responsibilities as they are tasked with keeping their items neat and clean throughout the week. 

During a recent visit to the field, Liz Lucarelli, MS, NCC, LCMHC, RPT, Early Adolescent Clinical Program Director, joined the team as they gathered around a crackling fire. Circled in their camping chairs, the students worked on assignments and chatted about the week’s happenings.  

“It was such a connective experience, listening to them share stories and interact together,” said Liz. “It is in these moments I am reminded of how wise, resilient, and kind our early adolescent students are.” 

Open Sky remains dedicated to providing high-quality clinical programming in our early adolescent program as well as ensuring our students feel supported and nurtured during this transformative time in their young lives. This foundation of care allows them to step into the best parts of themselves, ready and willing to meet whatever challenges come their way. 

January 30th, 2023

The Open Sky Team