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Thank You for Completing Enrollment Information


We appreciate your taking time to thoroughly and accurately complete all the required information for enrollment at Open Sky. The Admissions Team will review the information and send enrollment documents via email for electronic signature. The enrollment documents will be emailed to family members, guardians, and / or financial sponsors depending on the age of the student, your family’s situation, and instructions provided by the Admissions Team. Enrollment documents will include:

  • Enrollment Agreement
  • Payment Agreement
  • Consent for Medical Treatment
  • Consent for Release of Psychological and Medical Information
  • Participation Agreement, Release and Assumption of Risk
  • ICPC Forms

Should you have any questions about the enrollment process or required information, please reach out to your Admissions Counselor. Once again, thank you for helping expedite this process with complete and accurate information. Should you need to log back into the Enrollment Portal, use the hyperlink provided in the set up email you received from Open Sky.

The Open Sky Admissions Team