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Family is the centerpiece of the Open Sky experience. We believe it is crucial for family members to fully participate in the program while their son or daughter is enrolled at Open Sky. The family needs support and numerous opportunities to learn and grow, just like their loved one in our program. We provide comprehensive services to support families through every step of the Open Sky journey.

Our Family Services Department is a cornerstone of our program, and is fully integrated and dedicated to supporting and guiding parents and families. Highlights of our family programming include:

Weekly conference calls with therapists to discuss student progress and clinical treatment strategies, and to review the family’s work in the Family Pathway workbook.

Weekly Parent Education & Support Group conference call. All parents are invited and encouraged to participate in this call, which includes guided meditation and mindfulness exercises led by one of our Wellness Facilitators. Parents also have an opportunity to ask questions, provide comments, or ask for and offer support to one another.

  • Access to a private and secure Parent Portal that provides families with resources and support throughout their child’s stay. On the Parent Portal, families have access to weekly photos and correspondence, a resource library, detailed information to engage in our family services offerings, and all documents related to the Open Sky experience.
  • A Family Pathway that serves as the crucial connection to our overall programming and supports the growth of the parent and family.
  • Wellness Weekend in Durango, CO for parents to participate in a parallel experience. Guided by a team of Open Sky professionals, families participate in rejuvenating and healing activities.
  • Graduation and Family Reunion at Open Sky to reintegrate students and their families. Having successfully supported hundreds of families through this transition, we provide a structured, intentional, and thoughtful process to assist in this important passage.
  • Post-graduation support with a Transition Mentor to debrief the first night out of the wilderness, remind the family of self-regulation and communication skills, and support the process as the student moves to the next step.
  • A Family Quest experience (optional) offering a truly unique and powerful complement to the transformative work that students accomplish at Open Sky. Through individualized, intensive family therapy, professional facilitators provide the space and opportunity for deep therapeutic work as well as for healthy, fun relationship-building in the wilderness.

Areas of Impact

Open Sky transcends traditional wilderness therapy by delivering an experience greater than the sum of its parts: treatment for the whole family, a powerful and transformative experience, a focus on total health and well-being, and an unyielding belief that everyone has the capacity to thrive.