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Help Us Help Sky’s the Limit Fund

Jake George | Marketing Specialist

Open Sky is partnered with Sky’s the Limit Fund, a non-profit dedicated to providing grants to families of youth in crisis with financial need, so that Wilderness Therapy can be an option for them.

To date, Sky’s the Limit Fund has provided over 1.3 million dollars in grants and has helped over 250 families nationwide. They have 10 Wilderness Therapy Partners (including Open Sky) across the United States. Each program partner matches the grant that STLF provides to the family with a reduction in tuition. These families are then responsible for the remaining funds as Sky’s the Limit Fund feels it is imperative that the family remain invested and involved. We find this model to be very effective and because of Sky’s the Limit Fund’s mission, families in dire need with virtually no resources, are able to begin their healing journey through Wilderness Therapy.

Additionally, STLF has recently launched STLF Family Coaching, a 12 week transitional support service that is designed to give families, who cannot afford traditional aftercare, the tools they need for success once their child returns home from wilderness.

STLF runs 100% on donations and grants. We are asking you, our families, to help us to help Sky’s the Limit Fund and provide the experience of Wilderness Therapy to as many youth, young adults and families as we can.

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November 2nd, 2016

Jake George | Marketing Specialist