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Morgan Seymour Featured on the Smart Social Podcast

The Open Sky Team

Featured Team Members: Morgan Seymour, LCSW

Catch Clinical Therapist Morgan Seymour’s interview on the Smart Social Podcast! In the episode, “Identifying Warning Signs of a Gaming Disorder,” released on June 18, 2020, Morgan speaks with podcast host Josh Ochs about gaming addiction, warning signs, and what parents can do.

Josh Ochs founded Smart Social to “keep kids safe on social media so they can shine online.” They provide webinars, podcasts, trainings, and other resources for parents as they navigate the world of social media and technology with their kids. With her expertise in working with students struggling with gaming addiction, Morgan gives helpful insight and advice on the topic.

Listen to the episode on the Smart Social Podcast, watch the interview on YouTube, or access the “Parent Guide” to the episode on the Smart Social website.

June 19th, 2020

The Open Sky Team