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Open Sky Therapists Author Chapters In New Book

The Open Sky Team

Featured Team Members: Kendall Harvey, MA, LPC, NCC

Dr. Tony Issenmann, Kirsten Bolt and Kendall Smith, author chapters in the recently published book: Family Therapy with Adolescents in Residential Treatment

Family Therapy with Adolescents in Residential Treatment

Open Sky Clinical Team and Family Services Team members Tony Issenmann, Ph.D., LMFT; Kirsten Bolt, MEd, LMFT; and Kendall R.E. Smith, MA, LPC, NCC were honored to contribute chapters to Family Therapy with Adolescents in Residential Treatment. This recently published book offers exciting and effective strategies and techniques for practitioners and mental health professionals particularly interested in family therapy with adolescents, and in related interventions and research.

Chapters describe innovative, science-based interventions and techniques for treating common behavioral and emotional problems along a continuum of family involvement and separation, to address issues affecting the family as well as the identified patient. With its accessible ideas and compelling case studies, the book ably demonstrates the critical role of family in adolescent patients’ successful transition to post-treatment life.


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Chapters authored and co-authored by Open Sky therapists include:

Intentional Separation of Families: Increasing Differentiation Through Wilderness Therapy
Co-Authors: Kirsten L. Bolt, Tony Issenmann

Expediting Growth: A Call to Measure the Impact of Family Involvement During Wilderness Therapy
Co-Authors: Kendall Smith, Tony Issenmann

Walking off the Mountain: Planning Aftercare Support for Adolescents in Wilderness Treatment and their Families
Author: Kirsten L. Bolt


June 5th, 2017

The Open Sky Team