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The Family Wilderness Therapy Experience

The family is the centerpiece of the Open Sky program experience. Research has proven repeatedly that a student’s success is proportional to the involvement and growth of the student’s family. Open Sky provides the most comprehensive family experience available in wilderness therapy led by our clinical and family services teams.

At Open Sky, we are systemic in our clinical approach and believe it important to consider the way each family member is a part of the greater family whole. The behavior of one family member is often informed by and inseparable from the functioning of the family. Family systems theory suggests that we try to understand an individual not in isolation, but as a part of his or her family. Following a family systems model means we are working not only with an individual student, but also with the family. We work with the student to understand who they are and the issues that need to be addressed both individually and in the context of the family.

Our research has supported the systemic approach, showing that students make greater gains and maintain those gains after their wilderness therapy experience when their parents actively engage in the process. Open Sky provides multiple opportunities for family involvement over the duration of the program. To learn more about our family services and involvement options, visit: Menu of Services.

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