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Psychiatric and Psychological Services

Medication Management

Open Sky’s philosophy of treatment is comprehensive, which means considering medication when it is beneficial to the student. Many students come to Open Sky already on medication. Sometimes the medication is working well and needs no adjustment, and sometimes it is not effective and needs adjustment. When in the student’s best interest, a referral is made to the Open Sky psychiatrist, who meets with the student in the field. The psychiatrist will consult with the therapist regarding any warranted medication changes. In some cases, a student is not on medication but the Open Sky therapist recommends a psychiatric assessment.

Psychiatric Assessments

When in the student’s best interest, the primary therapist will make a referral to the Open Sky psychiatrist, who meets with the student in the field. Follow-up sessions are scheduled as indicated. Additional Fees Apply.

Psychological Testing

Open Sky works with a number of licensed clinical psychologists who provide a comprehensive battery of psychological measures to assist in developing a thorough assessment. Psychological testing is strongly recommended for any student who has not had testing in the past two years, or who has been experiencing a significant change in emotions and/or behaviors since he or she was last tested. Psychologists go to the field to interview the student, administer tests, integrate any previous testing, and consult with involved professionals and members of the treatment team including key family members. Because psychological testing is such a valuable assessment tool, it is always requested and often required prior to acceptance by most aftercare programs. Additional Fees Apply.