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SKYlights Podcast returns with all new episodes!

The Open Sky Team

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy’s SKYlights Podcast returns this week with brand new episodes! Executive Director Emily Fernandes hosts new conversations with our clinical experts on a variety of topics such as healthy communication, parenting styles, the link between trauma and addiction, and successful transitions, to name a few.

The SKYlights podcast is geared toward parents seeking to enhance or improve family relationships, individuals working in outdoor and/or mental health settings, and anyone with a desire to better understand mental health and personal wellness.

Take a listen to clips below for a preview of what’s to come! Be sure to tune in to the SKYlights Podcast Thursday, June 24 for “Understanding the Link Between Trauma, the Nervous System, and Addiction” with Clinical Therapist Brian Leidal.

Understanding the link between trauma, the nervous system, and addiction – Clinical Therapist Brian Leidal


How to build a “communication toolbox” and improve family relationships – Clinical Therapist Nick Lenderking-Brill


How to support your child in wilderness therapy treatment – Clinical Therapist Mariah Loftin


Transitioning home post-treatment – Clinical Therapist Chris Blankenship


Polarized parenting: finding harmony when you’re not on the same page – Family Services Director Matthew Krugh


Until our return, catch previous episodes of SKYlights on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, the Open Sky website, or wherever you get your podcasts. Be sure to subscribe! Have you found the SKYlights Podcast helpful, inspiring, or informative? Please leave us a rating and review! These reviews make SKYlights more discoverable by others. Plus, we love reading and applying your feedback!

What topics would you like to hear on SKYlights? Email with your suggestions!

June 23rd, 2020

The Open Sky Team