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Bailey King

Senior Guide

Before joining Open Sky, Bailey spent the prior two summers working at Vermont Academy as a part of their Summer Symposium program. In the program, he taught environmental studies to middle schoolers interested in the outdoors. His classes involved a lot of time spent outdoors and in the natural environment. Students learned about biodiversity, river ecology, and maple syrup production in the Green Mountain State.  

Bailey had heard about wilderness therapy when he was in high school, as some of his peers had experienced it. He immediately recognized it as a worthwhile and meaningful experience in a modern world where deeper meaning is often lost in the day-to-day grind. He believes in the healing power of nature and deeply appreciates how Open Sky incorporates ceremony into treatment.  

Bailey deeply values learning and being in connection with others. In his roles as a field guide, he feels he can constantly do both. He believes there is always something to be learned and improved upon as a guide, and constant connection and collaboration between humans is inevitable.   

One of Bailey’s strengths in the guide team is his sense of humor and wit. His personality brings something to the table that leaves people feeling relaxed and comfortable, which leads to deeper connection. He also cares deeply about learning new things and constantly growing his skills as a guide. This results in being extremely self-motivated and inspired every day to do his best and help students with their work. 

In his time off, Bailey loves to play guitar, go mountain biking, and go camping with friends. He also enjoys video games, watching movies, and anime. 

About Open Sky

Since 2006, Open Sky Wilderness Therapy has been providing the premier family-centered wilderness therapy experience. The Open Sky approach transcends traditional wilderness therapy by emphasizing treatment for the whole family not just the adolescent or young adult, and the application of evidence-based clinical modalities with innovative, well-researched holistic healing practices such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness.