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Joe Peloquin, BS

Senior Guide

Joe has a Bachelor of Science in computer engineering from Syracuse University. His related experience includes around 10 years organizing group wilderness expeditions in France and the Indian Himalayas. He has extensive volunteer experience in humanitarian projects, retreat centers, and farm and ecological projects in France, England, India, Israel, Palestine, and most recently, New England and New Mexico.

Contained group wilderness experiences were instrumental in Joe’s own healing journey during his twenties and changed the direction of his life. He was attracted to working as a field guide at Open Sky so he could give back what was given to him. He feels most at home in the wilderness and loves the intimacy of small group living.

As a field guide, Joe values the opportunity to support students in their healing and growth journeys and offer the same support to students that was offered to him by his mentors, teachers, and healthy peer relationships. Joe is a strong listener and validates students’ experiences. He is competent with practical wilderness skills and quick to learn new ones. He is able to express his emotions clearly and calmly and can hold space for students.

During his time off, Joe likes to participate in meditation retreats, offer meditation skills in prisons and homeless shelters, volunteer, do farm work, and go rock climbing, backpacking, and hiking.

About Open Sky

Since 2006, Open Sky Wilderness Therapy has been providing the premier family-centered wilderness therapy experience. The Open Sky approach transcends traditional wilderness therapy by emphasizing treatment for the whole family not just the adolescent or young adult, and the application of evidence-based clinical modalities with innovative, well-researched holistic healing practices such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness.