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Lou Bates, BS

Senior Guide

Lou received a BS in Therapeutic Recreation and Psychology from Western Washington University. In her own life, she has found healing through her own experience in the wilderness and wants to share this with others. That she gets to be outside more than inside is one of the many perks of being a field guide.

As a Senior Field Guide, Lou values working with teens and providing them with a mirror of their lives. She loves being able to show students their uniqueness and the amazing paths and opportunities that lie ahead. One of Lou’s strengths is her ability to be silly, yet still hold boundaries. She believes her greatest strength is love.

During her time off, Lou enjoys playing the banjo, reading, mountain biking, drawing, crafting, playing in the dirt, gardening, drinking coffee, traveling around in her van, dancing, and spreading information about equality for women.

About Open Sky

Since 2006, Open Sky Wilderness Therapy has been providing the premier family-centered wilderness therapy experience. The Open Sky approach transcends traditional wilderness therapy by emphasizing treatment for the whole family not just the adolescent or young adult, and the application of evidence-based clinical modalities with innovative, well-researched holistic healing practices such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness.