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Matthew Krugh, MSW

Family Services Director

Matthew was born in Wyoming and raised in the South and Midwest, ever longing to return to the Rocky Mountains, where he would marry his passion for people with his purpose in counseling.

Matthew has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Dayton, Ohio. From 2004-08, he worked as a clinical research coordinator in the emergency room at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. After developing a strong appreciation for evidence-based practice, he longed to know more deeply the diversity of the common human experience. He joined the Peace Corps, volunteering as a community health HIV/AIDS educator in Swaziland, Africa, from 2008-11. In the small village where he lived, he worked predominantly with the youth and was continually reminded of the essentiality of family, community, and taking time to be present with one another as well as oneself.

Matthew’s enduring interest in a vocation of counseling was further inspired, and he returned to the States to pursue a Master’s in Social Work, which he acquired in 2013 from Texas State University in San Marcos. There he completed clinical practicums in hospice and a geropsychiatric treatment program for anxiety and depression. He spent a summer working with neglected and abused boys at Pegasus Schools, a residential treatment center employing experiential education in Lockhart, Texas. As a Graduate Research Fellow, Matthew examined the benefits of mindfulness-based practices with veterans. In a directed study in adventure therapy, he assisted in research exploring the impact of a wilderness program on the success of adolescents at an alternative boarding school.

Matthew believes in the robust healing potential of humans reconnecting with nature, fostering self-empowerment and moving through suffering via self-awareness and more mindful living. Upon completing his graduate studies, he joined Open Sky’s Family Services Team in 2013, excited to serve families with a systems approach, in the wilderness, incorporating mindfulness and spirituality. He finds it consistently humbling and inspiring, coaching families in an evidenced and holistic fashion toward transformative experiences. Matthew operates from a belief in the inherent goodness in everyone and values identifying an individual’s intrinsically motivated joy and strengths. He brings an intentional, compassionate presence to the therapeutic relationship. Celebrating the unconditional, positive regard and love in families, Matthew believes mindfulness, healthy self-regulation, and respectful communication are the keys to healing.

He cultivates personal peace through time spent in the wild and in his spare time enjoys skiing, running, meditation, music, reading, community, and family time—especially painting with his sister.

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About Open Sky

Since 2006, Open Sky Wilderness Therapy has been providing the premier family-centered wilderness therapy experience. The Open Sky approach transcends traditional wilderness therapy by emphasizing treatment for the whole family not just the adolescent or young adult, and the application of evidence-based clinical modalities with innovative, well-researched holistic healing practices such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness.