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Sean Cannon, BA

Intake Specialist

Since Sean first joined Open Sky in 2021, he has filled the roles of Field Guide, Senior Field Guide, and Field Manager. He finished his tenure at the level of Senior 3 and moved away from guiding to pursue becoming a therapist.  

Being a field guide has deeply changed Sean’s life. He would not be pursuing this career path and graduate school without having been inspired by everyone involved in the treatment process. He is very grateful that he can continue to support Open Sky as an Intake Specialist while attending school. Being able to be one of the first people to interact with Open Sky’s incoming students feels like a gift and a full circle part of the process for him, having seen over a hundred students through the program. 

Sean is an uncle of six and someone who loves the outdoors. He also enjoys video games, fantasy, and tabletop role-playing games. He loves being a nerd; it is one of his favorite things to connect with other people over. 

About Open Sky

Since 2006, Open Sky Wilderness Therapy has been providing the premier family-centered wilderness therapy experience. The Open Sky approach transcends traditional wilderness therapy by emphasizing treatment for the whole family not just the adolescent or young adult, and the application of evidence-based clinical modalities with innovative, well-researched holistic healing practices such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness.