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Shahara Davis

Admissions Outreach Director

Shahara has been helping families in crisis for 2000. She attended the University of Utah, where she studied child development and social work. After raising four children, she became a program transporter. In this role, she was responsible for safely transporting students to treatment settings and guiding them through the initial intake process. She learned early on the importance of creating an emotionally safe experience for treatment-resistant students.

Later, she worked in Admissions with a therapeutic program for struggling teens and young adults. In this role, she found her calling and passion. As a parent, Shahara understands the complexity of issues families face when making the decision to place a loved one in treatment. She is deeply committed to helping families at this critical stage, understanding that integrity, respect, and professionalism are essential to building trust and helping families move toward a healthier future. She is known for her compassionate, supportive approach to partnering with clients as they navigate the layers involved in placement.

Shahara values family and, when not working, can often be found with her children and grandchildren. She lives in Salt Lake City, where she is active in her community. She has held leadership positions on committees supporting children’s education, social and emotional awareness, and health and safety; has volunteered in elementary and secondary schools; and has worked with local businesses for the benefit of children and families.

Shahara is inspired and lives her life, by the simple words of legendary football coach,

Lou Holtz: “Do what’s right. Do your best. Show others you care.”

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