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Open Sky Testimonials

for Chris Blankenship


Chris is very good at what he does: steering the ships of our children’s minds and souls and charting their course forward on a positive path toward the future. The steering wheel is in their hands as they leave, but Chris plays such an important role in the building of those navigation skills. His job is a challenging one I am certain, but the work he does is so important and sacred. Thank you for being a part of our family’s journey!

- Heather, Alumni Parent (2023)

Chris really helped me make changes in the way I think, feel, and act. He taught me to trust myself and helped me learn that I do have control over my life.

- Clay, Alumni Student (2022)

I feel supported by Chris. He took interest in what I want to do outside of Open Sky and told me he could walk me through the process. Also, he did a great job challenging me to understand my emotions more deeply and not just be angry.

- Adam, Alumni Student (2022)

Chris was amazing for both our daughter and ourselves. He interacted with us in a respectful and calm manner.

- Alumni Parent (2021)

My heart is full and I am at peace. I am so grateful for the guidance you provided my son and our family. It was life-changing and has provided our family with a much-needed reset. I feel like we all have a second chance to be better and to do better. I have my son back, understand him more, and have reestablished connection and communication. Thank you for all that you do to help him and all the other young adults whose lives you touch. Your work is so important and so healing and I am deeply appreciative. I miss Open Sky and I know he does too. The Open Sky method is connected, respectful, thoughtful, and hard too…and it works! I will miss our weekly calls and hearing about the inventive ways you challenged him each week.

- Pauline, Alumni Parent (2020)

Remember my son and how you encouraged him to experience joy and happiness?  I think he’s starting to figure it out.  Although he still struggles with anxiety and depression, that smile is pure joy and happiness. He’s living in the moment and having fun. He has enrolled in Universal Technical Institute in Arizona starting in November to get his AA degree as an automotive technician. He LOVES cars. Instead of video games he will watch YouTube videos on all types of cars. He saved up his money from an auto detailing job and bought a 1989 Chevy Bronco and has learned to repair it reading the manual and watching YouTube.  He’s a gear head. Well I thought I’d give you an update and show you the difference you have made in this world…

- Marlaine, Alumni Parent (2017)

Our daughter is thriving, happy, confident and so excited to be starting her freshman year. She recently told me that wilderness was where she stopped hating herself, and [aftercare] is where she learned to love herself again. On her last home visit last week she also talked about wanting to be an Open Sky wilderness guide ;). She admits it was the hardest and worst thing she’s ever done, and also that it saved her and that she would love to help others going through it…Thank you so much for playing such a primary role in the literal recovery of our daughter. She has recovered herself and her life and has a bright future. We are so grateful.

- Amy, Alumni Parent (2017)

Chris is the best therapist I’ve ever known. In just less than 2 months, he knows exactly what my child’s needs for help are and understands him. That has helped a lot with the treatment! He has helped me understand my child better. I cannot thank him enough for the progress that I see in my child and for the connection that my family has at the end of the program at Open Sky.

- Maitrinh, Alumni Parent (2018)

Chris was outstanding! He was patient, supportive, firm, resilient and a wonderful mentor and therapist for our son and for our family.

- John, Alumni Parent (2015)

Chris gave clear instructions and recommendations at each stage. I felt like he understood our son’s issues quickly and had a clear idea of where to go with him. That gave us confidence we had made the right choice, especially in the early days. He was outstanding.

- Dorinda, Alumni Parent (2020)

Chris you were so helpful to our son and us in SO many ways. SO many ways! The treatment plan was the first time he has had a comprehensive holistic view of his issues and tangible work to make progress on those issues. I am so very grateful for all of your hard work and visiting through many difficult conversations and decisions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am blessed you came into our family’s life.

- Jennifer, Alumni Parent (2017)

Chris pushed me to extents I didn’t know possible. He was creative in helping me and was overall a comfortable person to be around.

- Erin, Alumni Student (2018)

I appreciated Chris’ commitment to our family. I appreciated his ability to laugh with us. And I really appreciated his wisdom in knowing when to challenge our son and when to ease up. Chris was just such a gift to our family.

- Maureen, Alumni Parent (2020)

He’s truly amazing. He has been the most helpful piece through this journey.

- Zack, Alumni Student (2019)

Chris Blankenship was amazing and a perfect fit for my daughter. His approach and delivery was just right. I felt very supported and understood. I was challenged to communicate with my daughter effectively and rid of my needs to rescue. I was also challenged to be present and not to rush thru conversations and to stop acting on impulse. Since graduation while my daughter has been at aftercare, I’ve continued to stick with my boundaries, reflective hearing, and self care. My communication with my daughter is balanced and grounded. Open Sky and its team has gone beyond anything I ever imagined.

- Kiki, Alumni Parent (2020)

You are a bright light. You have a keen intelligent mind, but it is your compassionate heart that carries your sincerity to your clients. It truly makes your words and actions effective. With all of my heart, thank you for your work with our daughter.

- Theresa, Alumni Parent (2017)

Thank you for being my steadfast support through good times and bad. I miss connecting with you and having access to your wonderful view of the world. You have a way of caring for people which I will do my best to carry forth. I look up to you and hope that one day I can help people in the same way you do. You are the man, no doubt.

- Coleman, Alumni Student (2014)

I will never forget you. I will never forget all of the kindness, care, and love you have given to my son. I will never forget your passion, enthusiasm for your work, your patience, and your dedication to my son’s wellbeing. I will never forget the knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and support you have shared to help us move on to a better path in life. I will never forget you because of all of these things. You have made a monumental impact on my family and me. For this, I am forever grateful.

- David, Alumni Parent (2018)

Chris is outstanding, thorough, kind, assertive, and direct. He was/is responsive and approachable – we will miss working with him. He connected with our son in profound ways that I believe he will continue to draw on in the future.

- Kayce, Alumni Parent (2019)

Thank you for leading this amazing, once in a lifetime experience for our family. Your skill, experience, compassion, and support have been outstanding – everything we could have hoped for. We have all learned so much because of your guidance. Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude, to you, Chris.

- Fiona, Alumni Parent (2017)

Outstanding job. Really superior work. I can’t say enough thank you’s or give high enough praise. You are patient, kind, funny, insightful, compassionate, just a quality human being who we really appreciate for all the help you’ve given us. Thanks so much!!

- Paul, Alumni Parent (2017)