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Open Sky Testimonials

for Julia Lehr


I felt supported when Julia listened and reflected me. I felt like even as a younger student, I was respected by a professional.

- Sarah, Alumni Student (2021)

I felt that Julia fully understood the complexities of my child and was able to tap into my child’s core challenges. Julia was also able to quickly understand the challenges of our family dynamic and to very respectfully hold space and boundaries, while assisting in healing within the family. Julia showed a true depth of care, compassion, and understanding for my child and for our family.

- Elizabeth, Alumni Parent (2021)

Julia was amazing. She understood our daughter’s challenges immediately, communicated them to us, and gave us guidance. She also brought a lot of our daughter’s challenges to our attention that were not previously identified by multiple other therapists.

- Coe, Alumni Parent (2021)

Julia was amazing with me and my daughter. I appreciated that she pushed my daughter outside her comfort zone and showed her that she IS capable.

- Maria, Alumni Parent (2021)

Julia was supportive when listening to our concerns and feelings and challenged us to have hard conversations with our child.

- Todd, Alumni Parent (2021)

Julia understood what was right for me and helped me understand what I need.

- River, Alumni Student (2021)

Julia should be sainted. She is so good at what she does. She listens intently and really hears what people are saying. She gives people space and time to express themselves. She also has really helpful insights and her instincts are on the money. For so long, we struggled with someone being able to really reach our child and help him gain some traction in his therapy. Julia and Open Sky were the answer. We are so grateful.

- Allison, Alumni Parent (2021)

Julia is outstanding. The perfect blend of compassion and truth-telling. She really got to know our child quickly and thoroughly. She recognized our child’s strengths and also their challenges. She communicated to us how to communicate best with our child, when to validate and when not to over-validate.

- Alumni Parent (2021)

Julia was just so helpful for us and our daughter. She was incredibly supportive with our calls and would email us specific suggestions for follow-up.

- Alumni Parent (2021)

We had the best support from Julia! She was very in tuned with our whole family and was always there for us.

- Matt, Alumni Parent (2021)