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Open Sky Testimonials

for Mariah Loftin


Mariah is a remarkable therapist. She helped me understand the importance of structure and boundaries. She highlighted the importance of our son holding himself accountable to himself. She has insight that is intuitively on target and concise and constructive.

- Martha, Alumni Parent (2022)

Mariah knew my issues and challenged me appropriately and empowered me to take ownership of my growth.

- Connor, Alumni Student (2022)

Mariah was exceptional. We were so blessed to have her as our child’s therapist. She kept us apprised of our son’s work and progress. She had a keen sense of our son and his struggles as well as what his work needed to be each week. Her skills and experience in therapeutic work with young adults was obvious from day one! She was understanding of our role in our son’s life and challenges. She was empathetic yet encouraging of the work we were doing simultaneously with our son.

- Colleen, Alumni Parent (2022)

Mariah used our time together in a really efficient way. She did a great job helping our son see beyond OCD and work on underlying issues. She helped us as parents understand the process so we could support it. Mariah did an awesome job! Much gratitude!

- Alumni Parent (2021)

My favorite part of the program is the growth I saw in my daughter on Family Quest. Mariah really connected with her. The best part is the challenge my daughter has been presented with and the strength she will have knowing she completed it.

- Alumni Parent (2021)

Mariah challenges my thinking as a parent, referred me resources, was direct in her feedback and assessment of both our son and our family, and provided us with comfort that we were right where we needed to be.

- Nate, Alumni Parent (2020)

Mariah held good, loving boundaries with all of us. She helped us see our unhelpful family patterns and made life-changing suggestions along the way.

- Batya, Alumni Parent (2020)

Mariah is a very gifted therapist. She listens and has the ability to take all the information and process it so that we can see things more clearly. She challenged me to think about situations in a more open manner and see the positive, not just point out the negative. It was an important step for me and I was able to embrace my daughter’s progress with a more open lens. She has spent a good deal of her life in therapy and nothing has worked – until now. She is starting to scratch the surface and gain self-awareness. She still has a lot of work to do, but for the first time in a long time, we have hope. I think that Mariah is a key component in her growth and did an outstanding job. I am most grateful for the ways my daughter has grown and challenged herself under Mariah’s guidance.

- Debbie, Alumni Parent (2020)

It’s difficult to find constructive criticism. Your knowledge, compassion, professionalism, insights, mode of delivery, access, follow through were all outstanding.

- Charles, Alumni Parent (2018)

Mariah was one of the best therapists I’ve ever worked with. She’s incredibly sharp and intelligent, and willing to challenge. She knew me so well, and practiced both challenging me and being supportive & gentle. I felt strongly cared for.

- Joseph, Alumni Student (2018)

Mariah is so knowledgeable. She reads my mind and puts words to thoughts I can’t wrap my head around. She is very helpful with my family dynamic and handles group sessions unbelievably well.

- Jenna, Alumni Student (2017)

Mariah has a deep sensitivity and care for her clients and families. She is willing to say what needs to be said and willing to challenge, always with a big heart and best interests of the family in mind.

- Michael, Alumni Parent (2018)

Mariah really seemed to understand our son at progressively deeper levels and was able to effectively communicate that progress. She also seemed to push and challenge him, and not to let him off the hook by delving deeper. I came away from each Friday call with a strong feeling that our son was in the right place, exactly where he needed to be. I appreciate always feeling included and feeling heard. I also appreciate her guidance on my communication with him. It truly helped.

- Linda, Alumni Parent (2017)

Mariah listened and gave informed and calming perspective. It is clear that she is sharing a gift helping others improve their lives.

- Bill, Alumni Parent (2017)

I can’t imagine a better match for our son. I learned so much about myself, my son, and our family through Mariah.

- Mark, Alumni Parent (2014)

Mariah pushed me and challenged me in ways that facilitated so much growth within me. The best therapist I’ve ever had!

- Alix, Alumni Student (2018)

Mariah saved me. She is the best therapist I’ve ever known and has set me up for success in my life. I will not forget what she has taught me.

- Taylor, Alumni Student (2016)

Mariah is incredibly insightful, supportive, and challenging. She pushed me farther than I ever thought I could go.

- Andrew, Alumni Student (2013)

Mariah was brilliant, insightful, organic, kind, fair, tough, patient, and amazing.

- Kathryn, Alumni Parent (2015)

One of the best therapists I’ve worked with (and I’ve worked with many). Mariah is unbelievably insightful, helpful, and smart. Importantly, she pushed me past my comfort zone and helped me grow more than I ever have in my life.

- Noah, Alumni Student (2017)

Mariah is brilliant and strong and supportive. I felt a balance of loving support and hard but necessary pushes to really awaken growth here.

- Annie, Alumni Student (2018)

Mariah always made me feel comfortable to open up and show my thoughts, feelings, and opinions without judgment. She was encouraging and understanding while guiding us through what my daughter was experiencing and how she was progressing. I always knew and understood what, and why, she asked her to work on.

- Heather, Alumni Parent (2017)

Mariah was an important lifeline for me throughout my daughter’s stay. I was comforted and confident in Mariah’s knowledge and skills. She is an exceptional, outstanding person. She clearly takes great care with her clientele. I appreciated her methodology. I knew that I could count on her as she is organized and present.

- Linda, Alumni Parent (2018)