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Open Sky Testimonials

for Mark Sobel


Mark was excellent. He helped guide us through the process and see that it was OK for our son to be where he was at each point in the program. He did a great job supporting our son while also challenging him to find an identity outside of his anxiety and depression. He really seemed to understand our son. I think that was the basis for this being the first therapeutic relationship that our son has found helpful.

- Holly, Alumni Parent (2021)

Mark was extremely helpful. He helped us think through the pros and cons and timing of involving our son’s sister in communications, and he gave us specific feedback about the type of environment that would best serve our son after Open Sky, which was extremely helpful. He helped us through our son’s difficult weeks at Open Sky, which were of course difficult for us too.

- James, Alumni Parent (2021)

I was able to tell Mark anything and have him help me out and teach me how to stand up for myself.

- Evan, Alumni Student (2021)

Mark challenged me by asking me questions that were very deep and explaining many parts of my work here.

- Zachary, Alumni Student (2021)

Mark was incredibly effective for both our child and us as parents. In spending time with our child, he learned to know him well and found ways to challenge him and improve his path. For us, he learned a lot about us as parents and partners and about our child. Mark was the ultimate guide for all of us.

- Mark, Alumni Parent (2021)

I always felt heard by Mark and that my son was understood. Mark was genuinely caring, invested, and empathetic. He stood out for his professional expertise and genuine desire to help us unlock a happier healthier future.

- Marsha, Alumni Parent (2021)