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Testimonials for Morgan Seymour

Morgan was FANTASTIC. I am not exaggerating when I say she and the staff saved my son’s life. Thank you.

- Mike, Alumni Parent (2017)

I still think back to wilderness and our sessions. I want to sincerely thank you and tell you how full of gratitude I am. I was broken, scared, and hopeless when I got there. And you were the first person there to tell me that there’s hope. I grew during my time there and you were there to remind me that I wasn’t crazy and honestly after all this time I think about it and you inspired me. To this day. Thank you for all you did.

- Jack, Alumni Student (2018)

The level of depth and authenticity and rawness that I experienced in your team was remarkable. I felt your care and respect for each of them come through in their sharing.

- Educational Consultant (2020)

Morgan was a pro in every way. The most stand-out quality of her care from my point of view is the trust she established with our son, which allowed him to engage and grow. Her calls always included individualized care for my husband and me. She helped our family. We are enormously grateful. Words are inadequate.

- Robin, Alumni Parent (2017)

Morgan created an environment of trust and challenged and taught us how to grow as our son was in the program. I can’t say enough about her ability to connect with our family. She clearly articulated what was going on with him and what was needed as next steps.

- Kimberly, Alumni Parent (2017)

You are awesome, best therapist I’ve ever had.

- William, Alumni Student (2017)

Morgan was instrumental to our son’s progress and growth. Her professionalism, care, insight, ability to tap into his core “issues”… priceless.

- Lisa, Alumni Parent (2017)

Morgan is kind, compassionate, intuitive and smart. We are grateful for all of her work and support.

- Abigail, Alumni Parent (2018)

Morgan is really aware and easy to talk to. She helped me identify and talk through my issues and was good at checking me when I needed it. I will miss her.

- Jack, Alumni Student (2018)

Morgan was the perfect support for our son and our family. She was honest and direct but kind and compassionate. Thank you.

- Cindy, Alumni Parent (2018)

Morgan is a compassionate and understanding person, who’s tough when she needs to be and knows and understands my problems and knows what’s best for me.

- Brennan, Alumni Student (2018)

Could not have asked for a better therapist than Morgan. She worked through some incredibly difficult issues with us. Her advice was candid, succinct, actionable and effective.

- Luke, Alumni Parent (2018)

I’m thankful that Morgan pushed me as hard as she did. Nobody has before.

- Griffin, Alumni Student (2018)

I appreciate everything you’ve done for me!

- Sam, Alumni Student (2018)

Morgan was honest, she always advocated for our son’s wellbeing.  She helped me see the work that I NEEDED TO DO, all the while supporting me. Morgan was accessible, patient, generous and kind. I owe her a debt I can never repay.

- Jenifer, Alumni Parent (2018)

Morgan listened and really took time to get to know and understand our family and dynamics. Good therapist!

- Scott, Alumni Parent (2018)

Thanks for helping with navigating the divorced family dynamics. Disrupting unhealthy communication patterns was important to my son’s healing.

- Gregory, Alumni Parent (2018)

Morgan conducted outstanding therapeutic work for us and our son. She was perceptive, honest, respectful, trustworthy, supportive, helpful, direct and responsible. We valued her input tremendously and cannot thank her enough for all the support she showed us and our son.

- Paul, Alumni Parent (2019)

Morgan is outstanding. She understood and worked tirelessly on our son’s issues. She did an incredible job of keeping us informed and keeping us engaged.

- Rory, Alumni Parent (2018)