A Season of Gratitude 

Celebrating TEAM at Open Sky!

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller. It truly takes a village to do what we do at Open Sky. In this issue, we "SKYlight" some of the wonderful Open Sky teams (and team members) who play an integral part in the healing journeys of our students and families. We are grateful for their dedication, care, and passion. 

Leading with Passion: Program Director, Danny Frazer 

Danny Frazer always dreamed of a career path that would allow him to help young people become the best versions of themselves. Early on, he envisioned being a leader and role model for young people as a college basketball coach. However, after a summer internship with a Montana-based, family-run wilderness therapy program in 1996, his plans shifted gears. During this wilderness therapy internship, Danny was inspired...

We're with You: The Invaluable Support of the Open Sky Transition Mentor Team

A student is nearing the end of his or her stay at Open Sky. For the past 10-12 weeks, this student and the family have grown in immeasurable ways. So, what happens next? How is this growth integrated into life beyond Open Sky? Transition Mentors, part of the Open Sky Family Services Team, are entirely dedicated to answering these questions and...

Open Sky Operations: Building the Foundations for a Safe and Meaningful Student Experience

Learn more about Open Sky's winter programming preparations and standards

Open Sky’s experienced and passionate Operations Team works both behind the scenes and hands-on to develop, construct, and maintain program infrastructure and processes. The team flourishes under the leadership of Operations Director, Greg Ooley. Prior to joining Open Sky in 2013, Greg managed outdoor expedition companies in Alaska and adventure education program operations. Greg’s extensive experience informs...

In the Trenches: The Critical Role of the Open Sky Field Guide

Learn more from Open Sky Field Guide, Rebecca Slotta

It’s Wednesday morning. My eyes snap open and a feeling of confusion passes through me. I stare at the ceiling, trying to figure out why I’m awake while the sun is still sleeping behind the horizon. I realize it’s Wednesday. My alarm is telling me to gear up because in a few hours...

Season of Gratitude: Together, We Can Make a Difference!

As someone who understands first-hand the healing power of wilderness therapy, now is the time to make a difference for others in crisis. Open Sky partners with Sky’s the Limit Fund (STLF), a non-profit organization dedicated to making wilderness therapy available to families with financial need.
Since 2010, Sky’s the Limit Fund has helped over 420 families get the therapeutic treatment they desperately needed. Open Sky is committed to increasing access to families in need and as such, we match the funding that STLF provides to the family, dollar-for-dollar, with a reduction in tuition. 
STLF runs 100% on donations and grants. We are asking that you to join us in giving the gift of wilderness to a family in need and donate to Sky’s the Limit Fund today! All donations made through the link below will be earmarked for Open Sky. Together, with Sky's the Limit Fund, we can transform lives!

Young Adult therapists, Mariah Loftin, Dr. Aaron Wallis and Christ Blankenship (pictured with Educational Consultant and co-presenter, Jill Rickel)

Young Adult Therapists Represent! Open Sky Young Adults Therapists, Mariah Loftin, Dr. Aaron Wallis and Chris Blankenship (pictured above with Educational Consultant and co-presenter, Jill Rickel) were honored to present at last month's YATA Conference (Young Adult Transition Association) held in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Their presentations centered on the conference theme of technology and its impact on young adults. Open Sky was excited to participate in this highly informative and engaging conference. 

Open Sky Program Director, Danny Frazer, Participates in NATSAP's Leadership Summit
Last month's Leadership Summit brought together wilderness therapy program leaders to participate in panel discussions, solutions groups, brainstorming sessions, and a variety of educational presentations. Open Sky values the opportunity to join with other programs in our continuing effort to move wilderness therapy forward.

Did you miss it? Therapist, Morgan Robak's, "Instagram Takeover"
During the week of November 12-17, Adolescent boys therapist, Morgan Robak "took over" Open Sky's Instagram page and gave us an in-depth look at life in the week of a wilderness therapist.

Morgan gave us a peek into each day, sharing her thoughts, reflections, and even some inspirational messages shared by our alumni. Best of all, Morgan shared scenes and video clips which captured the incredible beauty of life in the field. Did you miss it? Check out our Instagram page and follow us at: #open_sky_wilderness

Gratitude for Open Sky Community!
Open Sky office staff recently kicked off the holiday season with a gratitude-themed team potluck. The halls filled with the aroma of traditional Thanksgiving fare as staff gathered to share “gratitudes” with one another. We are grateful for our amazing team!   

Open Sky Attends Fall IECA Conference
Open Sky CEO and Founder, Aaron Fernandes and Executive Director, Emily Fernandes, LCSW, were excited to attend IECA's national conference in Los Angeles last month. Next up: Look for team Open Sky at NATSAP conference in San Antonio, Texas, January 30 - February 1, 2019!

Preparing for Success: Open Sky Conducts Mandatory Inservice Training on Winter Gear
Field Director, Evan Meyer recently facilitated an inservice on the proper use of winter gear. Evan, along with several Senior Field Guides, took time to educate staff on the proper use of each gear and clothing item issued to our students.

Open Sky is committed to student safety. By keeping warm, dry, and safe, students can focus on their therapeutic work and take full advantage of the wonder, challenge, and excitement our Utah desert course area has to offer.

Click HERE to learn more about Open Sky's fall/winter course area!