A Field of Possibilities at Open Sky

Sunshine-soaked days, sparkling night skies, and meadows bursting with wildflowers. At Open Sky, we're feeling invigorated by all the potential the summer season brings. In this issue of SKYlights, we're excited to share that energy with you. Read alumni stories, meet new members of the Open Sky team, and learn more about new opportunities on the path ahead.  ​

The Fire Within: Open Sky Alum Madeleine Finds Her Spark

Preview: After years of experiencing mental health challenges, Open Sky alum Madeleine had given up hope on living a fulfilling life. Now, she’s the happiest and healthiest she’s ever been. In this testimonial, she shares her Open Sky story and how wilderness therapy helped her find confidence, connection, and purpose.


Building Community Through Company Culture

Amy Hartline | MA | Wellness Director

Preview: Open Sky understands what it takes to be a part of a community—which is ultimately what each family is—and understands the challenges and rewards of that experience. By cultivating a strong company culture, we give each employee and each client firsthand knowledge of all the beauty and all the challenge that goes into being in intentional human relationship. Click below to learn more about company culture at Open Sky!


Safe Journey: How Clinical Therapist Barbara Ferri Partners with Wilderness to Build and Heal Relationships

Barbara Ferri | LCSW | Clinical Therapist for Adolescent Girls 

Preview: Barbara Ferri, LCSW is a Clinical Therapist for adolescent girls at Open Sky. She holds a master’s degree in social welfare and a bachelor’s degree in human development. Barbara understands people as whole individuals with many different influences in their lives. Using a supportive and nonjudgmental approach, she works with the whole family system to heal and create lasting change. Get to know more about Barbara in the Q&A below! 

Strategies for Healing Trauma and Addictive Behaviors

Nick Lenderking-Brill | MA, LPC | Clinical Therapist for Adolescent Boys

Preview: Clinical Therapist Nick Lenderking-Brill, MA, LPC discusses the relationship between trauma and addiction as well as offers healthy, mindful strategies for regaining a sense of love, safety, and belonging. He normalizes the shared experience of trauma and addiction and shares what we can do to heal trauma and addictions—as individuals, parents, and clinicians alike.  


Open Sky Welcomes Addy Ho to the Clinical Team

Please join us in welcoming Addy Ho, MA, LPC to Open Sky as Clinical Therapist for adolescent girls! Addy has extensive experience working with young people in the mental health field. She has provided services in outpatient, in-home crisis intervention, residential, private practice, wilderness therapy, and community mental health settings.  She has worked with young adults, college students, adults, children, teenagers, families, couples, and people who struggle with depression and anxiety, anger management, trauma and abuse, and other chronic mental health issues.
Addy believes that people are made up of different components—emotional, intellectual, relational, and spiritual—to make them whole and that the process of understanding how these pieces fit together is important for creating healthier boundaries and relationships. She understands that everyone has the internal strength to make lasting change and offers insight and skills while walking alongside her clients, providing a welcoming, encouraging, trustworthy, and honest perspective of life's struggles.

Planting Seeds of Change: Early Adolescent Program to Utilize Open Sky Geodome this Summer

We're thrilled to announce an exciting new addition to Open Sky's early adolescent program! This summer, students will regularly visit the Open Sky geodome to engage in planting, harvesting, and tending to the plants in the greenhouse. Powered by Open Sky's commitment to experiential learning and whole-person wellness, this new opportunity will give students skills and experiences to benefit them now and into the future. By learning to grow, care for, prepare, and celebrate food, students will increase connection to land, health, and community. They will gain practical skills to increase confidence and competence and witness the extraordinary growth that is possible one day at a time. 

Join Our Team! Open Sky is Hiring Field Guides

Waking with the sunrise and sleeping under the stars. Mentoring young people in the fire of self-discovery. Embracing the power of wilderness to teach and heal. Field guiding at Open Sky is unique and special work, and we're looking for unique and special people to do it.

Are you ready to inspire, connect, and grow? Click below to learn more and apply today!

Open Sky Team Attends IECA Conference

Members of the Open Sky team—Ben Allen, Admissions Counselor; Liz Lucarelli, Early Adolescent Clinical Program Director; Sam Verutti, Clinical Therapist; Mark Sobel, Clinical Therapist; Maura Nolan, Clinical Therapist; and Shahara Davis, Assistant Admissions Director—enjoyed learning at this year's IECA conference. It was wonderful to see those of you who also attended and connect in person for the first time in over two years!

New Podcast Episodes Coming this Summer!

Tune in this summer for all new episode of the SKYlights Podcast! Hosted by Open Sky Executive Director and Co-Founder Emily Fernandes, the SKYlights Podcast features experts in the field of wilderness therapy and explores the value the outdoors provides on the journey toward wellness, discovery, and growth.  

Check out the SKYlights Podcast on our website, iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

“Tori is a dedicated leader who consistently goes above and beyond to support the needs of the field and her team. She exemplifies the guiding ethic of compassionate yet firm boundaries and role models grace and strength as she leads the field department through challenges and success.”

- Alex Molo, Field Leadership Team

“Ashley invites others to live authentically. She has a tremendous capacity to find the calm within chaos and lead through challenge. She inspires others first through attunement and then by highlighting what is possible. Ashley's trademark laughter is a beautiful reminder to appreciate the small moments!”

- Alex Molo, Field Leadership Team