At the Heart of it All: Family

From enrollment to graduation and beyond, Open Sky strives to provide families with a supportive and meaningful experience. In this special edition of SKYlights, we dive into some exciting updates and opportunities available to families at Open Sky, no matter the stage of their wilderness therapy journey!


Announcing: 529 Plan Concurrent College Enrollment for Adolescents

Reimburse a Portion of Program Expenses Using College Savings

The complexities of being a young person today are unprecedented. The increased prevalence of online learning and isolation have given rise to a variety of mental health challenges—such as anxiety, depression, grief, and loss—for high-school-aged students. Many adolescents experiencing these issues have had to step away from school to seek treatment but are still highly motivated by academics. At Open Sky, these students may now pursue both their education and overall well-being. We offer high-school-aged adolescents the opportunity to earn college credits while at Open Sky as well as use college savings to pay for a portion of their treatment and education. Click below to learn more about concurrent college enrollment for adolescents!


You Asked, and we Listened! Open Sky Introduces Family Quest Experience for Alumni Families

Open Sky is excited to announce that we are expanding the Family Quest intensive and making it available to alumni families! At Open Sky, we understand that the experience, needs, and goals of each family are unique and dynamic and that facilitating meaningful growth requires an individualized approach and ongoing support. The Alumni Family Quest will help families build upon and enhance the journey they began at Open Sky so they may live their lives with strength and intention.  

Click below to learn more about who can participate in Alumni Family Quest, why alumni families might consider embarking on one, and how to sign up!

Save the Dates! Open Sky Alumni Reunions Coming this Fall

After a two-year hiatus, Open Sky is excited to bring back in-person alumni events! We look forward to providing unique and meaningful opportunities to reconnect with Open Sky staff, alumni students, and alumni parents. At these events, alumni can immerse themselves in the Open Sky Wilderness Therapy community, catch up with Open Sky team members, refresh foundational skills, and connect with others who have shared in the Open Sky experience. Interested in attending an alumni reunion? Reach out to to learn more!

The Powerful Benefits of Parent Coaching

Helping Families Discover Their Inner Strength and Wisdom

Liz Lucarelli | MS, NCC, LCMHC, RPT | Early Adolescent Clinical Program Director

Parent coaching brings to life the many concepts and skills that parents and caregivers learn during their parallel process at Open Sky. Communication skills, emotion regulation strategies, and mindfulness practices are introduced to parents through Wellness Weekend, Family Pathway classes, and weekly calls with their child’s therapist. Parent coaching provides an opportunity for parents to dive deeper into practicing skills and exploring concepts with a coach trained specifically for this purpose. Click below to learn more about parent coaching and what makes it such a powerful experience for families!

The college course really helped me deepen my therapeutic work. I am now considering how to strengthen my relationships and create community to sustain my growth.

Family Quest was a beautiful time of connection with our daughter and an important opportunity to face challenges in our family relationships.

My one-on-one parent coaching
sessions were incredibly helpful for practicing concrete skills and tackling some of my own work. 


Everyone on the Family Services team was incredibly valuable and helped me put into practice the work I did at Open Sky before going home.

The program was well-integrated from start to finish. From working with our son's therapist to Wellness Weekend to Family Pathway classes, everything was thought out and dedicated to bettering our child and family.